How to Buy Stocks

Investing in a stock market would involve trading of stocks — which is the buying and the selling of shares of stocks in the financial market. Stock trading usually occurs on the exchange floor of the financial market. However, with the availability of the modern technology nowadays, stock trading also takes place online, where the stock investors will need to hire a stock broker who will be the one to connect with the exchange network to look for a buyer or a seller according to the orders of the investors. Buying stocks online is believed to be the easiest and fastest way to trade. But of course, those who are first timers with this kind of investing need to practice extra caution in choosing the online stock brokers to hire. Learning the basics about the stock market for beginners is also necessary in order to be successful with any kind of stock investment — may it be regular stocks, or penny stocks.

What are penny stocks?

Penny stocks, or also known as cheap stocks or nano stocks, are those stocks that are sold at a relatively cheap price of less than $5 per share. Thus, owning plenty of them is possible even if the stock investors do not have plenty of money as capital. Penny stocks are not traded in major stock markets just like the regular stocks. If the investors plan to buy penny stocks, they should go to over-the-counter markets and pink sheet markets, where this type of stocks are often listed. Unlike the stocks that are listed in the over-the-counter markets, those that are sold in pink sheet markets do not need to file their financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, thus, they are riskier to buy.

How to buy stocks online?

If a person plans to buy penny stocks online, the online stock buying guide is just very simple to follow and understand, but this can be risky as well. The investors must first find some time and effort to make a research on the different penny stock brokers online. Of course, the investors may want to compare their rates and service fees, and know what other fees that need to be paid. Knowing all the fees that a broker is charging is necessary in order to anticipate possible expenses and investment costs that the investors will need to spend for. Finding the cheapest broker to open an account with is ideal, but of course, the investors must make sure that such broker will be capable to manage their accounts for them. Thus, they have to read several reviews and feedbacks from their customers about their previous performance.

Once a penny stock broker is chosen, the investors may now do some research on available penny stocks to buy. There are some available research materials that will help the investors find the hottest penny stocks to watch. Then the investors may now set up an account with that broker, and fund such account, so he can purchase certain penny stocks through online.